Family, Heath. Color, white. Leaves, alternate, oblong, smooth, except the margins and midrib, which are bristly. Calyx, small, 5-parted. Corolla, tubular, with 5 spreading lobes, shorter than the clammy, sticky tube. Stamens, 5, with long, protruding, red filaments. The anthers open by a round, terminal pore. Style, hairy. Fruit, a 5-celled capsule. Flowers, large, showy, deliciously fragrant, in clusters, which grow from early spring flower - buds of numerous, overlapping; scales. 6 to 12 blossoms springing from the same point, all on a short stalk, make a corymb-like cluster. At the base of each flower-stalk there are bract-like scales. The tube is beset with clammy, viscous, brown hairs. June and July.

This plant takes readily to cultivation, and our florists have in bloom about Easter great pots of magnificent azaleas to mingle warmth and fire with the soft, pale, cold, Easter lilies.

Maine to Florida, not far from the coast. Especially in swamps.