Family, Fumitory. Color, white or purplish, sometimes pinkish. Sepals, 2, scale-like. Petals, 4, in ular, in 2 pairs, double-spurred, the inside pair narrower than the other, all united and becoming sponge-like, inclosing the pod. Stamens, 6, their filaments in pairs above, united into a tube below. Pod, 1-celled. Leaves, alternate, thrice-pinnate, the delicate leaflets divided into very small lobes, pale green underneath, thin, on slender petioles by which the plant climbs. Flowers, in leaf-axils, drooping, panicled. June to October.

A lovely plant, weak-stemmed, climbing over shrubs and herbs, in wet grounds or recently burned-over woods, from New England to Michigan and southward to North Carolina, where it may be found in the mountains.