Chiogenes hispidata (name means "snow offspring," in allusion to the white berries). - Family, Heath. Calyx, 4-parted; 2 large bractlets underneath. Corolla, deeply 4-divided. Stamens, 8. Flowers, small, nodding in leaf-axils on short peduncles. Fruit, a round, white, many-seeded berry, which is slightly acid, of pleasant taste. Leaves, evergreen, pointed, with margins rolled back, ovate, less than 1/2 inch long, covered on the under surface with reddish bristles. Branches slender, also bristly.

The flowers of this pretty, trailing plant are small and shy, hiding in early spring in leafy corners among moss, in peatbogs of New York and Pennsylvania, in the cool woods of the Adirondacks and Alleghanies. In summer it grows more bold, and flashes up from among its dark green, shining leaves the round, pure white berries. It is a plant fragrant of birch, belonging with moss, fern, and streamlet, thoroughly wild.