Family, Lily. Color, light yellow. Perianth divisions 6, separate, narrow, longer than the 6 stamens, of a light yellow color, sometimes spotted at the base. Flowers, single, bell-shaped, on long peduncles. Style, club-shaped with united stigmas. Stem, 1 foot high or less. Leaves, 2, long, narrow, usually mottled with white or purplish spots, sometimes wholly green, contracted below into petioles which surround the stem. March to May.

Deep, cool, moist woods, New England to Florida and westward. A low, smooth plant, often growing in masses or beds in moist, rich woods. The pretty flowers close at night and open mornings. On warm, sunny days the perianth segments curve backward. (See illustration, p. 155.)

Yellow adder's tongue (Erythroniutn americanum)

Yellow adder's-tongue (Erythroniutn americanum)