Family, St. John's-wort. Color, pink. Sepals and petals, 5. Styles, 3. Stamens, 9, every 3 stamens separated by yellow glands. Leaves, opposite, dotted, broad, blunt, not tapering at either end, almost clasping the stem, pale green, entire. Stems, simple, profusely branching, about 1 foot high, stolon-bearing. July and August.

The pretty pink flowers, less than half an inch broad, grow often singly or in pairs, or sometimes in clusters in the leaf-axils or terminating the branches. They quickly fade, and deep red pods take their place. Late in the season the stems and leaves turn a dark crimson. Common in the Eastern States. (See illustration, p. 268.)

Marsh ST. john's wort (Hypericum virginicum)

Marsh ST. john's-wort (Hypericum virginicum)