Stylosanthes biflora (name means columned or penciled flower, from the stalk-like calyx tube). - Family, Pulse. Color, yellow. Calyx, with a slender tube, upon which the papilionaceous corolla with included stamens stands. Standard, round, and keel incurved. Stamens, in 2 sets, distinguished by their anthers, of which the 5 longer are joined to their filaments near their bases, the 5 shorter alternating with the longer, fastened near the middle. Pods, 1 or 2-jointed, with the lower half of the hooked style clinging to them. When 2-jointed the lower joint is empty, and it acts like a stalk for the upper. Heads few, clustered with small flowers. Leaves, divided into 3 sessile, lance-shaped leaflets, with straight, prominent veins. Stems, low, branched from the base, 6 to 20 inches long.

New York and New Jersey to Florida in pine barrens and sandy soil, generally, near the coast.