Family, Composite. Color, cream or dull white. Leaves, all silky and soft, those at root clustered and spreading, inversely ovate, rounded at apex, 3-nerved, petioled; those on the flower-stems linear, pointed, sessile, green above, white and densely woolly beneath. The fertile and sterile flowers grow in separate plants, generally near one another, the pistillate being smooth, soft, cottony-downy. Styles, red. Stami-nate flowers have more color, and a dotted appearance. April to June.

An early, pretty spring flower found in rocky, barren fields and woods everywhere. Low, 3 to 18 inches high, spreading by offsets and runners. (See illustration, p. 141.)

Plantain leaved everlasting (Antennaria plantaginifolia)

Plantain-leaved everlasting (Antennaria plantaginifolia)