Family, Heath. Has bright pink flowers appearing very early in April, before the leaves of the shrub are fairly out.

This is similar to the white azalea, without the sticky calyx-tube, and less fragrant than R. viscosum (p. 411.) Both fill our swampy woods with beautiful bloom in their season. Upon each appear" May-apples," an edible, pulpy excres-cence, formerly supposed to be the work of insects, now admitted to be a legitimate growth, a modified bud. Says Mr. Gibson, in his inimitable way:

"The May-apple, which hangs among the clusters of the wild, fragrant, pink swamp azaleas, has no mission in the world except to melt in the mouth of the eager, thirsty small boy. He knows little and cares less what it really is. He only knows that it beckons him as he passes through the May woods, and its cool, translucent, pale-green pulp is like balm to his thirsty lips. How it. makes the corners of my jaws ache with thirsty yearning as I think of it' and what a pink whiff of the swamp May-blooms its memory brings!" - Sharp Eyes.