This shrub, 3 to 15 feet high, may be known by its bright red branches, especially when young. Leaves, rounded at base, ovate, short-pointed, whitish underneath, rough on both sides. Flowers, few, in small, flat cymes. Berries, white or grayish white. This is a shrub that makes thick clumps of growth by means of underground or prostrate suckers. June.

Common throughout New England and across the continent, northward.

C. paniculata. has smooth, gray branches. Leaves, ovate to lance-shape tapering at apex, acute at base, pale underneath.

Flowers, white, in elongated cymes or panicles. Fruit, white, on pale red stalks. June and July.

A slender shrub found on river-banks, beside streams, and in moist thickets from Maine to Minnesota and southward. The leaves of the shrubs of this Family turn beautiful shades of yellow and red in the fall.