Family, Evening Primrose. Color, yellow. Calyx - tube, short, with 4 lance - shaped or ovate, leaflike lobes. Petals, 4, in the upper axils, on short peduncles, rather large, dropping when the plant is shaken. Stamens, 4.

Fruit, a 4-square, box-like capsule, with rounded base and winged angles, in which the ripe seeds rattle. Leaves, sessile, linear or lance-shaped, pointed at both ends. A smooth, erect stem 2 to 3 1/2 feet high arises from fascicled, sometimes tuberous, roots. June to September.

Swamps or low, shady, wet woods, from Maine to Florida and Texas.

L. hirtella. - A hairy form, smaller in flowers and leaves, 1 to 2 feet high, with clustered roots which are often thickened and tuberous. Leaves, blunt at both ends, or pointed at apex, lance-shaped. June to September.

In wet pine barrens, New Jersey to Florida and Texas.

L. linearis bears small flowers, single, in axils of very narrow, linear leaves, sessile, later producing rather large capsules. Calyx-tube angled, bearing at top triangularly - shaped lobes, shorter than the petals, which are a pale greenish yellow. 12 to 30 inches high. July to September.

Swamps, pine barrens in New York and New Jersey.