Family, Figwort. Color, white, blue, or purple, sometimes variegated with crimson. Calyx, 5-parted, the lobes short. Corolla, tubular, the tube swollen in front, 2-lipped, the upper lip divided into 2 short lobes, the lower 3-divided, spreading at the tip, meeting below and closing the throat. 4 stamens, in pairs, 2 shorter, 2 longer. Leaves, narrowly oblong, entire.

A perennial with leaves and stem glandular, somewhat sticky. Escaped from cultivation and found wild in many places. It would seem to be a discouraging flower for insects to extract nectar from, but as a bee stands upon the lower lip, it drops down and opens the throat which would remain closed to a smaller insect. (See White Flowers, p. 125.)

A. Orontium. - Color, white or purple. (See White Flowers, p. 125.)