Family, Mustard. Flowers, in fours, but 6 stamens, 2 being shorter than the others. Pod, long, tipped with the slender style, and large stigma, 2-valved, opening with a sudden movement, disclosing a single row of seeds in each cell. Leaves, simple, broad, those at root roundish or heart-shaped, those on stem becoming narrower until they are lance-shaped. All somewhat toothed. 6 to 18 inches high. April to June.

Our earliest and prettiest bitter cress, with quite large flowers in terminal clusters, much like the candytuft of our gardens. Wet, low grounds.

C. hirsitta. - This species is hairy, small, with leaves clustered at the root and growing on the stem, either cut or entire. It may be a delicate plant, with leaves almost like ferns, and fine, soft clusters of flowers, or it may grow 2 feet tall, with coarser, larger foliage. It must have wet soil. I have seen it most beautiful in the hills, on wet rocks, where perpetual springs trickling down make an environment which the little cress loves.