Family, Milkweed. (For description of this Family, see p. 10.) Color, crimson. The color is found in the reflexed lobes of the corolla and the "hoods," which stand up around the stamens and stigma. In the swamp milkweed the re-flexed lobes are a purplish deep pink or red; the hoods are a lighter pink. The different species may be largely determined by their leaves and localities. Leaves of this plant, opposite, long, narrow, pointed at apex, petioled, slightly heart-shaped at base. Stem, smooth, not milky, very leafy, slender, branched above, 2 to 4 feet high. Fruit, a long, thick follicle, which, when it splits open, liberates a mass of flat seeds bearing long tufts of silky hairs at their place of attachment to the pod. July to September.

Swamps and wet places along roadsides from New England westward to Kansas, southward to Louisiana. Found 3,000 feet high in West Virginia.