Family, Rose. Color, pink. Leaves, of 5 to 9 leaflets, very finely toothed, at apex, dull green above, paler beneath, with narrow stipules. Calyx, an urn-shape tube, narrowed at the top, within which, attached to its lining, are the numerous pistils which form the achenes in fruit. The " rose hip" is the calyx-tube grown fleshy. This species is often 7 feet high, with curved, strong spines, and pretty, rose - colored, 5-petaled blossoms. June to September.

Found on the edges of swamps and streams in all the Atlantic States and westward.

Dwarf Wild Rose R. lucida, generally low, but sometimes 4 or 5 feet high, has coarsely toothed, dark green, shining, smooth leaves parted into about 7 leaflets, and flowers in corymbs or single. Spines hooked, stout. The outer sepals are often lobed.

Found in swamps and wet places from Pennsylvania and New York northward. This species is more fragrant than the preceding. It grows sometimes in masses an acre in extent. One bush aglow with blossoms is a pretty sight. In autumn the leaves turn a rich yellowish brown, and the crimson fruit is conspicuous.