Family, Sundew. Color, magenta purple. Parts of the flower in fives or sixes. Styles, divided, so as to seem like 6 to 10, but they are in reality 3 to 5. Flowers, on one side of a naked scape, 1/2 inch broad. This species differs in the shape of its leaves and color of its blossoms from the round-leaved sundew (p. 81). Leaves, all from the base, long, thread-like, covered with purple glands raised on hairs. June to September.

It is insectivorous, and catches small insects among its sticky, hairy glands, assimilates and digests them. One may often find dried remains of hapless insects scattered along the edges of the leaves and stems. In wet sand, as the New Jersey pine barrens, following the coast, Massachusetts to Delaware.