Family, Orchis. Color, purplish. Leaves, 2, broad, opposite, sessile, roundish and heart-shaped, borne about the middle of the stem. Lip, much longer than the sepals and petals, deeply 2-cleft. A small orchid, not more than 4 to 10 inches high, with almost minute flowers in a slender raceme, each accompanied by a small bract. The outside sepals turn back. Roots fibrous. June to August.

From Nova Scotia south to New Jersey and west across the continent. Mossy woods and swamps.

L. australis. - A Southern species, found south of New Jersey, has minute, greenish-yellow flowers heavily striped with purple, in a loose, slender raceme terminating a stem 3 to 10 inches high. (See Yellow Flowers, p. 160.)

In shady or wet woods.