Radicula Nasturtium-aquaticum. - Family, Mustard. Flowers, as in others of this Family. Pods, short. Leaves, pinnate.

Aquatic or found in wet ditches or in marshes. Used for salad and for garnishing dishes.

Crinkle-root. Pepper-root. Toothwort Dentaria diphylla. - Family, Mustard. Pod, long and flat. Flowers, in a terminal corymb. Rootstock, edible, 5 to jo inches long, tasting like water-cress, heaves, on the stem and from the root, whorled or opposite, petioled, each divided into 3 coarsely toothed leaflets. May.

Perennials, found in cool, moist woods in the Northern and Middle States.

D. laciniata. - Color, pale purple or nearly white. Leaves, in 2 or 3 whorls, on the stem, 3 in each whorl, long-petioled, each leaf 3-parted, into linear or lance-shaped leaflets, which are irregularly and deeply toothed. Similar root-leaves, or none. April and May, as early as March in the South. (See p. 311 under Purple Group.)

A short raceme of flowers terminates the unbranched stem. A pretty species, with graceful foliage, found from New England to Minnesota and southward.