Family, Mint. Color, white or purple (see Purple Flowers, p. 340). Calyx-tube, hairy within. Corolla, with a long tube (1 inch or more) and 2-lipped border, the upper lip erect, notched, the lower 3-lobed, with the middle lobe narrow and notched. Stamens, 2, protruding. Leaves, those near the flower colored like the corolla; all ovate, lance-shaped, sharply toothed. July and August.

A rather coarse herb, 4 or 5 feet high, with a minty fragrance about its leaves and flowers. The flower bracts and leaves just under the flower are whitish or crimson.

In different varieties of the wild bergamot the corolla varies in color from a light pink to dark purple. These have a wide range in woods, from Massachusetts and Vermont to Florida and westward.