Family, Arum. Color of the spathe, white; berries, red. Leaves, broad, somewhat heart-shaped, on long, thick petioles. May and June.

The flower of this pretty aquatic is a close copy of the stately potted plant the calla lily. The true flowers appear - staminate above, pistillate below - on a fleshy receptacle, the spadix, which is short and thick. This lies against a broad, flattish, much pointed, pure white open leaf, the spathe.

No other leaf grows upon the flower-stem. Others, green, on long stalks, come up from the creeping rootstock.

These are common flowers in Lapland and other Northern countries, where they grow so numerously as to cover whole marshes and exclude other plants. The roots arc caustic and acrid.

They are found from Nova Scotia to Virginia and westward.