Color, purplish, tending to pale red, the lip of the corolla spotted. Flowers, in rather crowded whorls, 6 to 10 in a whorl, in the upper axils, forming close, interrupted spikes. Stem, leafy, erect, simple, hairy along the angles, 1 to 4 feet high. Leaves, upper, sessile, shorter than the calyx, long, narrow; lower, short-petioled, broader, heart-shape at base, with roundish teeth. Stem-leaves rough-hairy. June to September.

Wet ground, along streams, common, as far south as North Carolina and westward to Illinois and .Minnesota.

S. tenuifolia. - Color, reddish purple. Much like the preceding, with flowers in upper leaf-axils. Stem, smooth, slender, branched, 1 to 2 1/2 feet high. Leaves, thin, lance-shaped, toothed, with petioles, often obtuse or tending to heart-shape at base. June to August.

Low and moist fields, New York to Illinois, south to North Carolina and Louisiana. Found 4,000 feet high in North Carolina.