12. Iris Lacustris Nutt. Dwarf Lake-Iris

Fig. 1339

Iris lacustris Nutt. Gen. 1: 23. 1818.

Similar to the preceding species in size and foliage, or the leaves rather narrower, sometimes wavy-margined. Flowers blue; perianth-tube only 1/2-1' long, shorter than the bracts and the sometimes yellowish perianth-segments somewhat expanded upward; capsule ovoid, about 8" high, borne on a pedicel of about its own length.

Shores of Lakes Huron, Michigan and Superior. Local. May. Perhaps a race of the preceding species.

13. Iris Verna L. Dwarf Or Spring Iris

Fig. 1340

Iris verna L. Sp. PI. 39. I753-

Rootstock slender. Stems 1-3' high, usually 1-flow-ered. Leaves narrowly linear, 3'-8' high, 2"-5" wide; flowers violet-blue or rarely white, pedicelled; perianth-segments crestless, the outer about 1 1/2 long, obovate, narrowed into slightly pubescent slender yellow claws, the inner somewhat smaller, glabrous; capsule obtusely triangular, short.

On shaded hillsides and in woods, southern Pennsylvania to Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia. Rootstock described as " pungently spicy." Slender Blue-flag. April-May.

13 Iris Verna L Dwarf Or Spring Iris 1340