26. Juncus Stygius L. Moor Rush

Fig. 1191

Juncus stygius L. Syst. Nat. Ed. io, 2: 987. 1759. J. stygius var. americanus Buch. in Engler, Bot. Jahrb. 12: 393. 1890.

Rootstock none; stems 3'-1° high, single, or few together, erect, 1-3-leaved below, leafless above; leaf-sheaths 5"-10" long, clasping, nerved, auriculate; blades erect or nearly so, 10"-4' long, slightly compressed, channeled on the upper side, tapering to a blunt point; inflorescence of 1-4 heads; heads 1-4-flowered; lowest bract usually exceeding the flowers; perianth 1 1/2"-2 1/2" long, pale, its parts lanceolate, 3-nerved, equal, with membranous margins, obtuse or acute; stamens half as long as the perianth or more; anthers oblong, shorter than the filaments; capsule 3"-4" long, pale brown, spindle-shaped, acute, mucronate, 3-celled below, few-seeded; seed spindle-shaped, 11 /4"-1 1/2" long, with a loose coat, the body about 1/2" long, narrowed into thick tails.

Newfoundland to Maine, northern New York, Michigan and Minnesota; also in British Columbia and Europe.

26 Juncus Stygius L Moor Rush 1191

27. Juncus Biglumis L. Two-Flowered Rush

Fig. 1192

Juncus biglumis L. Sp. PI. 328. 1753.

Stems 1'-8' high, loosely tufted on a branched rootstock, erect, nearly terete. Leaves 1-5, all basal, the outermost sheath usually 4" long or less, the innermost sometimes much longer, inconspicuously or not at all auriculate, the blades nearly terete; inflorescence a capitate cluster of 1-4 flowers, its lowest bract erect, foliose, green with brown membranous margins below; perianth 1 1/2"-1 3/4" long, dark brown, its parts membranous, oblong, obtuse, nearly equal; stamens equalling the perianth; anthers linear-oblong; capsule longer than the perianth, cylindric-oblong, 3-sided, retuse at the summit, with 3 keeled shoulders, purplish black, or with purple-margined valves, imperfectly 3-celled; seed 1/2"- 3/5" long, fusiform, the body narrowed into short stout tails.

Baffin Bay to Alaska and British Columbia. Also in Europe and Asia.

27 Juncus Biglumis L Two Flowered Rush 1192

28. Juncus Triglumis L. Three-Flowered Rush

Fig. 1193

J uncus triglumis L. Sp. PI. 328. 1753.

Stems 3-7' high, loosely tufted on a branched root-stock, erect, terete. Leaves 1-5, all basal, with sheaths clasping and conspicuously auriculate, the blades sub-terete, blunt, 1/4" in diameter, usually less than half the height of the plant; inflorescence a capitate cluster of 1-5 (usually 3) flowers, the lowest 2 or 3 bracts nearly equal, divergent, about as long as the flowers, usually brown, obtuse and membranous; perianth 1 1/2"-2" long, its parts oblong-lanceolate, obtuse; stamens nearly as long as the perianth; anthers linear, short; capsule about equalling the perianth, oblong, obtuse, mucronate, 3-angled, imperfectly 3-celIed; seed about 1" long, its body oblong, abruptly contracted into long slender tails.

Labrador and Newfoundland to Alaska, south in the Rocky Mountains to Colorado. Also in Europe and Asia.

28 Juncus Triglumis L Three Flowered Rush 1193