42. Juncus Canadensis J. Gay. Canada Rush

Fig. 1207

J. canadensis J. Gay; Laharpe, Monog. June. 134. 1825. Juncus canadensis longicaudatus Engelm. Trans. St. Louis

Acad. 2: 474. 1868. Juncus canadensis subcaudatus Engelm. loc. cit. 1868.

Stems 1°-4° high, erect, 2-4-leaved, few in a tuft, from a branched rootstock. Basal leaves usually decayed at flowering-time; stem leaves with large loose auriculate sheaths commonly 2'~4' long, and a stout erect blade usually 4'-10' long; panicle 3'-10' in height, the branches moderately spreading; heads top-shaped to hemispheric or subspheric, 5-40-flowered; perianth 1 1/2"-2" long, the parts narrowly lanceolate, acute, the inner longer than the outer; stamens 3, one-half to two-thirds as long as the perianth, anthers much shorter than the filaments; capsule lanceolate, acute, mucronate, 3-sided, 1-celled, reddish-brown, exceeding the perianth by 1/2" or less; seed 1/2" to nearly 1" long, tailed at either end, the body with a smooth shining coat, about 40-striate.

Newfoundland to Minnesota, Georgia and Louisiana.

42 Juncus Canadensis J Gay Canada Rush 1207

43. Juncus Brevicaudatus ( Engelm.) Fer-Nald. Narrow-Panicled Rush

Fig. 1208

J. canadensis brevicaudatus Engelm. Trans. St. Louis Acad. 2: 436. 1866.

J. canadensis coarctatus Engelm. loc. cit. 474. 1868.

J. brevicaudatus Fernald, Rhodora 6: 35. 1904.

Plant 6'-2i° high, slender, tufted, the rootstocks short. Leaf-hlades less than 1" thick; inflorescence 1'-6' long, with few or several 2-7-flowered heads on ascending branches; perianth a little more than 1" long, its parts subulate-lanceolate, acute, or the inner obtusish, somewhat shorter than the outer or nearly equal; capsule dark brown, narrowly oblong, acute, longer than the perianth; tails of the seed about half as long as the body.

Wet ground, Newfoundland to Minnesota, New York, West Virginia and Michigan.

43 Juncus Brevicaudatus Engelm Fer Nald Narrow Pan 1208

44. Juncus Acuminatus Michx. Sharp-Fruited Rush

Fig. 1209

Juncus acuminatus Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. I:192. 1803.

Plant 10'-3° high; rootstock short and inconspicuous. Stems few or several in a tuft, erect, 1-3-leaved; blades of the lower leaves 4's' long, 1/2"-1" thick, the upper shorter; inflorescence 2'-6' high, and with 5-50 heads, rarely larger, or reduced even to a single head, its branches usually spreading; heads top-shaped, hemispheric or subspheric, 3-20-flowered; perianth 1 1/4"-1 3/4" long, its parts lanceolate-subulate, nearly equal; stamens 3, about one-half as long as the perianth; anthers shorter than the filaments; capsule ovate-lanceolate, broadly acute, mucronate, i-celled, equalling the perianth, light brown at maturity, the valves separating through the apex; seed oblong, about i" in length, tipped at either end, reticulate in 16-20 longitudinal rows, the areolae transversely many-lined.

Maine to southern Ontario and Minnesota, south to Georgia and Mexico. Also on the northwest coast. Heads often proliferous. Knotty-leaved rush.

44 Juncus Acuminatus Michx Sharp Fruited Rush 1209