23. Juncus Longistylis Torr. Long-Styled Rush

Fig. 1188

Juncus longistylis Torr. Bot. Mex. Bound. 223. 1859.

Stems erect, loosely tufted, 8'-3o' high, rather stiff, slender, compressed, 1-3-leaved. Leaf-blades 3/4"-1 1/2" wide, acute, striate, the midrib well defined; inflorescence 2' high or less, usually of 2-10 irregular 3-8-flowered heads, or reduced to a single larger one; perianth 2V-3" long, the parts equal, brown, lanceolate, acuminate, with hyaline margins; stamens 6, half to two-thirds as long as the perianth, the yellow linear anthers longer than the filaments; style about 1/2" long; stigmas 1"-1 1/2" long; capsule oblong, brown, angled above, obtuse or depressed at the summit, mucronate, 3-celled; seed oblong, white-tipped, about \" long, 14-20-ribbed.

Newfoundland; western Ontario to Nebraska, British Columbia and New Mexico.

23 Juncus Longistylis Torr Long Styled Rush 1188

24. Juncus Repens Michx. Creeping Rush

Fig. 1189

Juncus repens Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 191. 1803.

Perennial by prostrate rooting branches; stems tufted, compressed, ascending, floating or prostrate, 2'-2o' long. Leaves with compressed sheaths 10" in length, auriculate, the blades 1'-3 1/2' long, 1/2"-1" broad, filiform-acuminate; inflorescence of 1-8 heads, one or more heads often occurring also at the lower nodes; heads 5-10-flowered; flowers 3"-5" long, the outermost slightly recurved; perianth-parts subulate-lanceolate, the outer keeled, about one-third shorter than the inner; stamens 3, half to one-third the length of the perianth; filaments longer than the yellow anthers; capsule subulate, beak-less, about as long as the outer perianth-parts, 3-celled, the valves membranous, breaking away from the axis in dehiscence; seed oblong, acute at either end, 3/8"-1/5" long, finely reticulate in 25-40 longitudinal rows.

In swamps and streams, Delaware to Florida, Cuba and Texas, and in Lower California.

24 Juncus Repens Michx Creeping Rush 1189

25. Juncus Castaneus Smith. Chestnut Rush. Clustered Alpine Rush

Fig. 1190

J uncus castaneus Smith, Fl. Brit. 1: 383. 1800.

Stems erect, 4-20' high, terete, leafless, or with a single leaf, arising singly from a slender rootstock. Basal leaves 3-5, the outer sheaths short, loose, the inner clasping, sometimes 4' long, not auriculate, their blades tapering from an involute-tubular base to a slender channeled acutish apex; inflorescence strict, usually exceeded by its lowest bract, the other bracts membranous and mostly equalling the flowers; heads 1-3, 3-12-flowered; pedicels 1/2"-1 1/4" long; perianth brown or black, 2"~3 1/2' long, its parts lanceolate, acute; stamens nearly as long as the perianth; anthers about 1/2" long; capsule brown, paler toward the base, 1 1/2-2 times as long as the perianth, narrowly oblong, tapering to an acute summit, imperfectly 3-celled; seed 1 1/4"-2" long, contracted into long slender tails, the body about i" long.

Newfoundland and Quebec to Alaska, south along the mountains to Colorado. Europe and Asia.

25 Juncus Castaneus Smith Chestnut Rush Clustered  1190