15. Lycopodium Tristachyum Pursh. Ground-Pine

Fig. 114

L. tristachyum Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 653. 1814. Lycopodium chamaecyparissus A. Br. in Doll, Rhein. Fl. 36. 1843.

Horizontal stems extensively creeping 1'-4' below the surface of the ground, terete, sparingly branched, with numerous erect or assurgent repeatedly-forked aerial stems, the branches of these glaucous, narrow, somewhat flattened, with very numerous, crowded, erect divisions; ultimate divisions leafy throughout, the leaves 4-ranked, minute, imbricate, appressed, strongly decurrent, nearly equal and alike, those of the under row scarcely differing from the others, those of the lateral rows a little thicker, with the tips usually incurved downward; peduncles 3'-5' long, bracteate, usually 2 (casually 3) times dichotomous at the summit; spike and sporophyls similar to those of the preceding.

In dryish open woods or clearings, usually in sandy soil, northern Maine to Minnesota and Georgia. Also in Europe. Early August.

15 Lycopodium Tristachyum Pursh Ground Pine 114