About 7 species known, natives of warm and tropical America. Only 2 species in the United States. Type species: Mayaca fluviatilis Aubl.

[Aboriginal name of these plants in Guiana.]

1. Mayaca Aubleti Michx. Mayaca

Fig. 1131

Mayaca Aubleti Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 26. 1803. Mayaca Michauxii Schott & Endl. Melet. 1: 24. 1832.

Stems tufted, 3-15' long, usually little branched. Leaves densely clothing the stem and widely spreading, linear-lanceolate, translucent, 2"-3' long, about i" wide; peduncles 2"-6" long, very slender, recurved in fruit; flowers 3"-4" broad, axillary, but borne near the ends of branches, lateral, rarely more than one on each branch; capsule oblong-oval, about as long as the sepals, tipped until dehiscence by the subulate style.

In fresh water pools and streams, southeastern Virginia to Florida and Texas. May-July.