Bulbous herbs, the flowers solitary or several on leafless scapes, the leaves linear, basal. Flowers subtended by a deciduous spathe; perianth 6-parted, bearing a cup-like funnelform or cylindric crown in the throat. Stamens inserted on the tube of the perianth; ovary 3-celled; ovules numerous in each cavity; capsule thin-walled.

About 20 species, natives of the Old World. Type species: Narcissus poeticus L.

1. Narcissus Pseudo-Narcissus L. Daffodil

Fig. 1320

Narcissus Pseudo-Narcissus L. Sp. PI. 289. 1753.

Scape about 1° high, 2-edged. Leaves narrowly linear, about as long as the scape; flower bright yellow, 2'-3' broad; crown crenate, rather longer than the perianth.

Escaped from cultivation, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Native of Europe. Called also Daffy, Daffodilly, Daffodowndilly. April-May. Flowers often double.

Narcissus poeticus L., Poets' Narcissus, with white flowers, the crown shorter than the perianth; has also, locally, escaped from cultivation; it is a native of Europe.

1 Narcissus Pseudo Narcissus L Daffodil 1320