11. Populus Sargentii Dode. Western Cottonwood

Fig. 1450

P. deltoides occidentalis Rydb. Mem. N.

Y. Bot. Gard. 1: 115. 1900. P. Sargentii Dode, Mem. Soc. Hist. Nat.

Autun 18: [reprint 40]. 1905. Populus occidentalis Britton; Tillotson,

Rep. Board. Agric. Nebr. 1906-7: 218.

Similar to P. deltoides, the bark thick and gray, the twigs smooth, greenish to light yellow. Leaves glabrous on both sides when mature, broadly triangular-ovate, often wider than long, subcordate to truncate at the base, rather long-acuminate at the apex, the margins coarsely and bluntly toothed; petioles flattened, about as long as the blades; stami-nate aments 2-3 1/2' long, not very dense; ripe pistillate aments 5' long or more; capsules ovoid, 5"""/ long, longer than their pedicels.

River bottoms, Saskatchewan to North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and New Mexico. Wood soft and brownish; weight per cubic foot about 22 lbs. March-April.

11 Populus Sargentii Dode Western Cottonwood 1450