19. Potamogeton Compressus L. Eel-Grass Pondweed

Fig. 192

Potamogeton compressus L. Sp. PI. 127. 1753. Potamogeton zosteraefolius Schum. Enum. PI. Saell. 50. 1801.

Stems much flattened, sometimes winged, widely branching. Leaves linear, obtuse and mucronate or short-pointed at the apex, 2'-12' long, 1"-2" wide, with 3 principal nerves and many fine ones; stipules scarious, obtuse, finely nerved, soon perishing; peduncles 1 1/2'-4,' long; spikes cylindric, about 1/2' long, 12-15-flowered; fruit obovoid with a broad base, about 2" long, 1 1/4"-1 1/2" thick, 3-keeled on the back, the lateral keels rather obscure; face arched, beaked with a short recurved style; embryo slightly incurved. The plant is propagated by the terminal leaf-buds, which sink to the bottom, and rest during the winter.

In still or running water, New Brunswick to New York, west to Oregon. Also in Europe. July-Aug. Grass-wrack.

19 Potamogeton Compressus L Eel Grass Pondweed 19219 Potamogeton Compressus L Eel Grass Pondweed 193

20. Potamogeton Hillii Morong. Hill's Pond-Weed

Fig. 193

Potamogeton Hillii Morong, Coult. Bot. Gaz. 6: 290. 1881.

Stems slightly compressed, slender, widely branching, l°-2° long. Leaves linear, acute or cuspidate, or often almost aristate, 1'-2 1/4' long, 1/2"-1 1/4" wide, 3-nerved, the lateral nerves delicate and nearer the margins than the midrib; stipules whitish, many-nerved, obtuse, 3"-5" long; peduncles about \' long, erect or slightly recurved, more or less clavate; spikes capitate, 3-6-fruited; fruit obliquely obovoid, obtuse at the base, about 2" long, 1"-1 1/4" thick, 3-carinate on the back, the middle keel sharp and more or less undulate, flat on the sides, face slightly arched; style nearly facial, short; embryo coiled.

In ponds, eastern New York to Michigan, south to Pennsylvania and Missouri. There are two forms of the species, the one 2-glandular at the base of the leaves, the other glandless. July-Sept.

21. Potamogeton Foliosus Raf. Leafy Pondweed

Fig. 194

Potamogeton foliosus Raf. Med. Rep. (II.) 5:

354. 1808. Potamogeton pauciflorus Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept.

121. 1814. Not Lam. 1789. Potamogeton niagarensis Tuckerm. Am. Journ.

Sci. (II.) 7: 354. 1849. Potamogeton foliosus niagarensis (Tuckerm.)

Morong, Mem. Torr. Club, 3: Part 2, 39.


Stems flattened, much branched, 1°-3° long. Leaves 1-3' long, 1"- 1" wide, acute, 3-5-nerved, not glandular at the base; stipules white, hyaline, obtuse or sometimes acute, 6"-10" long; peduncles more or less clavate, erect, about 1/2 long; spikes 4-12-flowered; fruit lenticular or nearly orbicular, about 1" in diameter, 3-keeled on the back, the middle keel winged, sinuate-dentate, often with projecting shoulders or teeth at each end, the face strongly angled or arched, sharp, often with a projecting tooth at the base; style apical.

In ponds and streams, New Brunswick to British Columbia, south to Florida, New Mexico and California. July-Aug.

21 Potamogeton Foliosus Raf Leafy Pondweed 19421 Potamogeton Foliosus Raf Leafy Pondweed 195