4. Smilax Glaiica Walt. Glaucous-Leaved Greenbrier

Fig. 1311

Smilax glauca Walt. Fl. Car. 245. 1788. S.spinulosum J.E.Smith; Torr. Fl. N. Y. 2: 303. 1843.

Rootstock deep, knotted and tuberous. Stem terete; branches and twigs angled, armed with rather stout numerous or scattered prickles, or sometimes unarmed; petioles 3"-6" long, tendril-bearing; leaves ovate, acute or cuspidate at the apex, sometimes cordate at the base, entire, glaucous beneath and sometimes also above, mostly 5-nerved, 11 /2'-6' long, -5' wide; peduncles flattened 6"-16" long; umbels 6-12-flowered; pedicels 2"-4' long; berries bluish black, ripening the first year, about 3" in diameter, 2-3-seeded.

In dry sandy soil, eastern Massachusetts to Florida, Ohio, Kansas and Texas. Sarsaparilla. May-June.

4 Smilax Glaiica Walt Glaucous Leaved Greenbrier 1311

5. Smilax Rotundifolia L. Greenbrier. Catbrier. Horsebrier

Fig. 1312

Smilax rotundifolia L. Sp. PI. 1030. 1753.

Smilax caduca L. Sp. PI. 1030. 1753.

Smilax qiiadrangularis Willd. Sp. PI. 4: 775. 1806.

Rootstocks long, sparingly tuberous. Stem woody, terete, the branches and young shoots often 4-angled, glabrous; prickles scattered, stout, straight or a little curved, sometimes none; petioles 3"-6" long; leaves thick and shining when mature, thin when young, ovate, nearly orbicular, or lanceolate, acute or acuminate at the apex, obtuse or cordate at the base, entire or the margins erose-denticulate, 5-nerved, 2'-6' long, 10"-6' wide; peduncles flattened 3"-1' long; umbels 6-25-flowered; pedicels 1"-4" long; perianth-segments pubescent at the tip; filaments 2-3 times as long as the anthers; berries black, 1-3-seeded, about 3" in diameter, maturing the first year.

In woods and thickets, Nova Scotia to Minnesota, south to Florida and Texas. Biscuit-leaves. Wait-a-bit. Nigger-head. Bamboo-brier. Devil's-hop-vine. Bread-and-butter. Hungry-vine. April-June.

5 Smilax Rotundifolia L Greenbrier Catbrier Horseb 1312

6. Smilax hispida Muhl. Hispid Greenbrier.

Bristly Sarsaparilla

Fig. 1313

Smilax hispida Muhl.; Torr. Fl. N. Y. 2: 302. 1843.

Glabrous, stem terete below, and commonly thickly hispid with numerous slender straight prickles, the branches more or less angled; petioles 4"-9" long, tendril-bearing, rarely denticulate; leaves thin, green on both sides, ovate, abruptly acute and cuspidate at the apex, obtuse or subcordate at the base, 7-nerved, or the older ones sometimes with an additional pair of faint nerves, 2'-5' long, 1'-5' wide, the margins usually denticulate; peduncles flattened, 9"-2' long; umbels 10-26-flowered; pedicels slender, a '-3" long; filaments a little longer than the anthers; berries bluish black, about 3" in diameter, maturing the first year.

In thickets, Connecticut to Ontario, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina and Texas. May-July.

Bristly Sarsaparilla 1313