5. Sparganium Simplex Huds. Simple-Stemmed Bur-Reed. Black-Weed

Fig. 165

Sparganium erection β L. Sp. PI. 971. 1753. Sparganium simplex Huds. Fl. Aug. ed. 2. 401. 1788.

Stem rather stout, 1 1/2°-2° high; leaves 1 1/2°-3° long, triangular-keeled, 4"-8" wide; bracts flat or slightly keeled; inflorescence usually simple, the pistillate heads 2-5, at least some of them supra-axillary, the lower 1 or 2 peduncled, the staminate heads 4-8; fruiting heads about 15" in diameter; nutlets brown or sometimes greenish-brown, the body fusiform, 2 1/2"-3" long, often constricted at the middle; stigma linear, about 1" long.

In lakes and streams, Quebec and Ontario, and in Washington and British Columbia. Also in Europe and Asia. July-Sept.

6. Sparganium Chlorocarpum Rydb. Green-Fruited Bur-Reed

Fig. 166

Sparganium chlorocarpum Rydb. N. A. Fl. 17': 8. 1909.

Stem slender, 1°-2° tall, or sometimes floating; leaves 1°-2° long, at least the middle ones keeled, 1 1/2"-3 1/2"wide; bracts similar to the leaves, slightly, if at all, dilated or scarious at the base; inflorescence simple, the pistillate heads 2-4, sessile or the lowest one peduncled, the staminate heads 3-7; fruiting heads 10"-12" in diameter: nutlets green, rather dull, the body fusiform, 2"-2i" long; stigma less than 1" long.

In marshes and rivers, western New York to Iowa and Indiana. July-Sept.

6 Sparganium Chlorocarpum Rydb Green Fruited Bur R 1666 Sparganium Chlorocarpum Rydb Green Fruited Bur R 167

7. Sparganium Diversifolium Graebner. Various-Leaved Bur-Reed

Fig. 167

Sparganium diversifolium Graebner, Schrift. Nat. Ges. Danzig. II. 9: 335. 1895.

Stem rather stout, !°-3° high; leaves narrow, 1 1/2"- 2 1/2" wide, abruptly pointed, the lower ones flat, the upper ones convex on the back or sharply keeled near the base; bracts similar to the upper leaves; inflorescence simple, often nodding at the tip, the pistillate heads 1-3, distant, the staminate heads 1-6, distant; fruiting heads 10" in diameter; nutlets grayish-brown, the body prominently-nerved, obovoid; stigma linear-lanceolate.

In bogs, Newfoundland, New Hampshire and Minnesota. Also in Europe. July-Sept.

8. Sparganium Acaule (Beeby) Rydb. Stem-Less Bur-Reed

Fig. 168

Sparganium simplex acaule Beeby; Macoun, Cat. Can.

PI. 5: 367. 1890. Sparganium diversifolium acaule Fernald & Eames, Rhodora 9: 88. 1907 Sparganium acaule Rydberg, N. A. Fl. 171: 8. 1909.

Stem rather slender, 1/3°-1° high; leaves very narrow, 1"-2" wide, triangular-keeled; bracts nearly similar to the leaves, but dilated and with broad scarious margins at the base; inflorescence simple, erect, the pistillate heads solitary or 2 or 3, and approximate, usually sessile, supra-axillary, the staminate 2-4, less crowded than the pistillate ones; fruiting heads 7"-8" in diameter; nutlets olive-brown, the body not nerved, fusiform, 1 1/2'-2" long.

In swamps and on muddy shores, Newfoundland to Iowa. South Dakota and Virginia. July-Sept.

8 Sparganium Acaule Beeby Rydb Stem Less Bur Reed 1688 Sparganium Acaule Beeby Rydb Stem Less Bur Reed 169