2. Blephariglottis Ciliaris (L.) Rydb. Yellow-Fringed Orchis

Fig. 1374

Orchis ciliaris L. Sp. PI. 939. 1753.

Habenaria ciliaris R. Br. in Ait. Hort. Kew. Ed. 2, 5:

194. 1813. B. ciliaris Rydb. in Britton, Man. 296.- 1901.

Stem slender, 1°-2 1/2° high. Leaves lanceolate, acute, 4'-8' long, 6"-18" wide, the upper smaller; spike closely many-flowered, 3'-6' long, sometimes nearly 3' thick; flowers orange or yellow, large, showy; sepals orbicular or broadly ovate, oblique at the base, 2"-4" long; the lateral ones mostly re-flexed; petals much smaller, oblong or cuneate, usually toothed; lip oblong, 5"-7" long, copiously fringed more than half-way to the middle; spur 1- 1 1 /2' long, very slender; anther-sacs large, divergent at the base, bearing a small white tubercle on the outer side.

In meadows, Vermont and Ontario to Michigan, Missouri, Florida and Texas. July-Aug.

3. Blephariglottis Blephariglottis (Willd.) Rydb. White-Fringed Orchis

Fig. 1375

Orchis blephariglottis Willd. Sp. PI. 4: 9. 1805. Habenaria blephariglottis Torr. Comp. 317. 1826. Platanthera holopetala Lindl. Gen. & Sp. Orch. 291.

l835. B. albiflora Raf. Fl. Tell. 2: 38. 1836. Habenaria blephariglottis holopetala A. Gray, Man. ed.

5, 502. 1867. H. ciliaris var. alba Morong, Bull. Torr. Club 20: 38. 1893. B. blephariglottis Rydb. in Britton, Man. 296. 1901.

Stems and leaves similar to those of the preceding species. Spikes densely or rather loosely many-flowered; flowers pure white, usually a little smaller than those of B. ciliaris; lip narrower, oblong; petals toothed or somewhat fringed at the apex, rarely entire; fringe of the lip copious or sparse.

In bogs and swamps, Newfoundland to Minnesota, Florida and Mississippi. Blooms a few days earlier than ciliaris where the two grow together. Feather-leaved orchis. July-Aug.

3 Blephariglottis Blephariglottis Willd Rydb White 1375

4. Blephariglottis Lacera (Michx.) Farwell. Ragged Or Green-Fringed Orchis

Fig. 1376

Orchis lacera Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 156. 1803. Habenaria lacera R. Br. Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl. 1: 312.

1810. B. lacera Farwell, Ann. Rep. Mich. Acad. Sci. 2: 42.


Stem rather slender, 1°-2° high. Leaves firm, lanceolate, 5'-8' long, io"-i8" wide, the upper gradually smaller; spike 2r-6' long, loose; flowers greenish yellow; sepals ovate, obtuse, about 3" long, the upper one a little broader than the others, petals linear, entire, obtuse, about as long as the sepals; lip 3-parted, the segments narrow, deeply fringed, the fringe of a few threads about 1/2' long; spur 7" 8" long, curved, shorter than the ovary, clavate at the apex; anther-sacs divergent at the base, their bases beaked and projecting upward; glands oblong-linear, hyaline, as long as the caudicle.

In swamps and wet woods, Newfoundland to Minnesota, south to Georgia and Arkansas. June-July. Hybridizes with B. psycodes.

4 Blephariglottis Lacera Michx Farwell Ragged Or G 1376