1805. Slender arctic and mountain sedges, with erect culms, and 1-2-flowered spikelets, variously clustered. Stamens 3. Perianth-bristles or perigynium wanting. Ovary oblong, usually spicate, narrowed into a short style; stigmas 3, linear. Achene obtusely 3-angled, sessile. [Name in honor of Von Kobres, a naturalist of Augsburg.]

About 30 species, widely distributed in arctic and mountainous regions. Type species: Kobresia scirpina Willd. The generic name is sometimes written Cobresia.

Spikes several, clustered.


K. bipartita.

Spike solitary.


K. Bellardi.

17 Kobresia Willd Sp Pi 4 205 866

1. Kobresia Bipartita (All.) Delia Torre. Arctic Kobresia

Fig. 866

Carex bipartita All. Fl. Ped. 2: 265. pl. 89. f. 5. 1785. Kobresia caricina Willd. Sp. PI. 4: 206. 1805. K. bipartita Delia Torre, Anl. Alpenbl. 330. 1882.

Culms solitary or tutted, smooth or very nearly so, 4'-12' tall. Leaves about i" wide, infolded at least in drying, usually shorter than the culm, the old sheaths becoming fibrillose; spike 1' long or less, composed of several or numerous linear appressed or ascending spikelets; scales somewhat serrulate on the keel, rather more than i" long; mature achenes slightly longer than the scales.

Greenland to Alberta and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Also in Europe and Asia. The name Carex bipartita All. is doubtfuhy associated with this plant. Summer.

2. Kobresia Bellardi (All.) Degland. Bel-Lard's Kobresia

Fig. 867

Carex Bellardi All. Fl. Ped. 2: 264. pl. 92. f. 2. 1785. Kobresia scirp'nia Willd. Sp. PI. 4: 205. 1805. Elyna spicata Schrad. Fl. Germ. 1: 155. 1806. K. Bellardi Degland, in Loisel,.Fl. Gall. 2: 626. 180/. Elyna Bellardi C. Koch, Linnaea 21: 616. 1848.

Densely tufted, culms very slender, 4'-18' tall, longer than the very narrow leaves. Old sheaths fibrillose, brown; margins of the leaves more or less revolute; spike subtended by a short bract or bract-less, densely flowered or sometimes interrupted below, 8"-15" long, 1 1/2"-2" in diameter; achenes rather less than 1" long, 1/2" thick, appressed.

In arctic America from Greenland to Bering Sea and Alherta, south in the Rocky Mountains to Colorado. Also in Europe and Asia. Summer.

2 Kobresia Bellardi All Degland Bel Lard s Kobresi 867