39. Panicum Annulum Ashe. Ringed Panic-Grass

Fig. 349

P. annulum Ashe, Journ. E. Mitch. Sci. Soc. 15: 58. 1898.

Culms 16'-2 1/2° tall, glabrous or sparingly pubescent, tufted, finally branched, the nodes densely barbed with spreading hairs, appearing like a ring; sheaths glabrous or the lower ones softly pubescent; ligule less than ' long; blades 2 1/2-5' long, 3"-7" wide, velvety pubescent on both surfaces; panicle 1 1/2'-4' long, open, its branches erect-ascending or ascending, rarely spreading; spikelets about 1" long and nearly 1/2 as wide, elliptic, strongly pubescent with spreading hairs.

In dry rocky woods. New Jersey and Pennsylvania to Georgia, Missouri and Mississippi. June and July.

39 Panicum Annulum Ashe Ringed Panic Grass 349

40. Panicum Boreale Nash. Northern Panic-Grass

Fig. 350

Panicum boreale Nash, Bull. Torr. Club, 22: 421. 1895.

Culms at first erect and simple, 1°-2° tall, later decumbent and somewhat branched, smooth and glabrous. Sheaths shorter than the internodes, usually smooth, ciliate; ligule short, ciliate; blades 3'-5' long, \'-Y wide, erect, truncate or rounded at the sparsely ciliate base, acuminate; panicle 2'-4' long, ovoid, its branches 1'-2' long, spreading or ascending; spikelets 1" long, about equalling the pedicels, ellipsoid, somewhat pubescent; first scale ovate, obtuse, about one-third as long as the spikelet; second and third scales oblong-ovate, 7-nerved, pubescent, equalling the fourth, which is oval, acute, and slightly more than 3/4" long; palet of third scale usually empty.

Moist soil, Newfoundland to Ontario south to New York, Indiana and Minnesota. June and July.

40 Panicum Boreale Nash Northern Panic Grass 350

41. Panicum Mattamuskeetense Ashe. Clute's Panic-Grass

Fig. 351

P. mattamuskeetense Ashe, Journ. E. Mitch. Sci. Soc.

15: 45- 1898. P. Clutei Nash, Bull. Torrey Club 26: 569. 1899.

Plant usually purplish. Culms tufted, 1 1/2°-3 1/2° tall, glabrous, the nodes sometimes puberulent or the lower ones barbed; sheaths loose, the upper ones glabrous excepting on the margins and occasionally toward the summit, the lower ones often softly pubescent; blades 2 1/2'-5 1/2' long, 3"-6" wide, firm, lanceolate, ascending or sometimes reflexed, glabrous; panicle 2 1/2'-4' long, broad and open; spikelets about \\" long, a little more than 1/2 as wide, pubescent with short hairs.

Sandy borders of swamps and bogs, Massachusetts to North Carolina. July.

41 Panicum Mattamuskeetense Ashe Clute s Panic Gra 35141 Panicum Mattamuskeetense Ashe Clute s Panic Gra 352

42. Panicum Octonodum J. G. Smith. Eight-Jointed Panic-Grass

Fig. 352

P. octonodum J. G. Smith; Scribn. Bull. U. S. Dep. Agr. Agrost. 17: 73. 1899.

Plant glabrous and usually purple. Culms erect, 2°-3 1/2° tall, finally branched; sheaths much shorter than the internodes; ligule a narrow ring usually less than i" wide; blades erect, firm, 1 1/2'-4 1/2' long, 2"-4" wide, lanceolate; panicle 3'-5' long, 3/4'- 1 1/2' wide, dense, longer than broad, its branches erect or erect-ascending; spikelets less than 3/4" long and 1/2" wide, oval, glabrous.

In wet places, New Jersey to Florida and Texas. May-Aug.