43. Panicum Paucipilum Nash. Purple Panic-Grass

Fig. 353

P. paucipilum Nash, Bull. Torr. Club, 26: 573. 1899.

Plant usually purple. Culms 2°-3 1/2° tall, finally somewhat branched, smooth and glabrous; sheaths ciliate on the margin toward the summit, otherwise glabrous; ligule over 1" long; blades 2 1/2'-3 1/2' long, 2 1/2"-3 1/2" wide, erect or ascending, thickish, rather firm, sometimes minutely puberulent on the lower surface, usually with a few hair-bearing papillae at the base; panicle 2'-4' long, longer than broad, its branches erect or erect-ascending, rather dense; spikelets 3/4" long or a little less, a little over \ as wide, oval, pubescent with spreading hairs.

In wet soil, southern New Jersey to Florida and Mississippi. July and Aug.

43 Panicum Paucipilum Nash Purple Panic Grass 353

44. Panicum Spretum Schult. Eaton's Panic-Grass

Fig. 354

Panicum spretum Schult. Mant. 2: 248. 1824. Panicum Eatoni Nash, Bull. Torr. Club, 25: 84. 1898.

44 Panicum Spretum Schult Eaton s Panic Grass 354

Smooth and glabrous. Culms 1 1/2°-3 1/2° tall, erect, at length dichotomously branched and swollen at the nodes; sheaths much shorter than the internodes, usually more or less ciliate on the margins; ligule a ring of long hairs; blades erect, lanceolate, acuminate, 1 1/2'-4' long, 1 1/2"-5" wide; panicle finally long-exserted, dense and contracted, 3'-5' long, 1 1/4' or less broad, its branches erect-ascending; spikelets oval, from over 3/4" to nearly 1" long, acutish, the first scale about one-third as long as the spikelet, pubescent, 1-nerved, the second and the third scales broadly oval when spread out, 7-nerved, densely pubescent with spreading hairs.

Along the coast, in damp or wet places, Maine to New Jersey and northern Indiana. May-Aug.

45. Panicum Lindheimeri Nash. Lindheimer's Panic-Grass

Fig. 355

P. nitidum Nash, in Britt. & Br. 111. Fl. 1: 120. 1896.

Not Lam. 1797. P. Lindheimeri Nash, Bull. Torr. Club, 24: 196. 1897.

Culms at first simple, 12 -18 tall, later profusely dichotomously branched, 2°-3° long, glabrous or pubescent below. Sheaths less than half as long as the elongated internodes, glabrous, excepting the ciliate margin, or the lower sometimes pubescent; ligule over 2" long; blades glabrous, or sparingly ciliate toward the base, sometimes puberulent below, the primary ones 1'-3' long, 1 1/2"-4" wide, erect or ascending, sometimes reflexed, those of the branches 1/2'-1' long, 1" wide or less; primary panicle long-exserted, 1'-2 1/2' long, ovoid, as broad as long or nearly so, those of the branches smaller and exceeded by the leaves; spikelets about 3/4" long, obovoid, pubescent.

Common in dry sandy soil, Maine to Ontario and California, south to Florida and Texas. June-Aug.

45 Panicum Lindheimeri Nash Lindheimer s Panic Gra 35545 Panicum Lindheimeri Nash Lindheimer s Panic Gra 356