104. Carex Picta Stcud. Boott's Sedge

Fig. 971

Carex Boottiana Benth.; Boott, Bost. Journ. Nat. Hist. 5:112. 1845. Not H. & A. 1841.

Carex picta Steud. Syn. PL Cyp. 184. 1855.

Dioecious, foliage glabrous, light green, culms phyl-lopodic, slender, smooth, erect or reclining, 4'-12' long, usually much shorter than the leaves. Leaves flat, 1 "-3" wide, the upper reduced to bladeless sheaths, tinged with reddish purple; spike solitary or rarely with a small accessory one near its base, erect, densely many-flowered, the staminate generally 1'-2' long, the pistillate cylindric but narrowed at the base, l'-2 1/2' long, 2"-4" thick; perigynia narrowly obovoid, strongly many-nerved, puberulent at least toward the obtuse summit, 2"-2 1/2" long, stipitate; scales reddish purple, usually with green midvein and hyaline margins, shining, obovate, obtuse, acute or cuspidate, longer and wider than the perigynia; stigmas 3.

In woods, central Indiana; Alabama and Louisiana. Local. Summer.

104 Carex Picta Stcud Boott s Sedge 971

105. Carex Pedunculata Muhl. Long-Stalked Sedge

Fig. 972

Carex pedunculata Muhl.; Willd. Sp. PI. 4: 222. 1805.

Densely matted, rather bright green, culms very slender, roughish above, diffuse, 3'-12' long, strongly purple-tinged at base. Leaves flat, 1"-1 1/2" wide, the basal commonly longer than the culms; upper sheaths green, almost bladeless, the lower with short leaf-like blades; terminal spike staminate, long-stalked, usually with some pistillate flowers at its base; lateral spikes 2-4, pistillate or androgynous, 3"-6" long, few-flowered, filiform-stalked and spreading or drooping, scattered, some of them appearing basal; perigynia obovoid, sharply 3-angled above, puberulent or becoming glabrous, 2" long, pale green, nerveless, narrowed below into a stipe, tipped with a minute entire beak; scales purplish, obovate, with green midrib, abruptly cuspidate or the lower subulate-awned, nearly equalling or lower exceeding perigynia; stigmas 3.

In dry woods, Anticosti to Saskatchewan, south to Virginia, Pennsylvania and Iowa. May-July.

105 Carex Pedunculata Muhl Long Stalked Sedge 972

106. Carex Concinna R. Br. Low Northern Sedge

Fig. 973

Carex concinna R. Br. Frank. Journ. 763. 1823.

Caespitose and stoloniferous, the culms slender, nearly smooth, 2'-6' tall. Leaves about 1" wide, flat, pale green, much shorter than the culm; bracts reduced to green bladeless sheaths or occasionally with a short blade; staminate spike solitary, sessile or nearly so, 1 1/2-3' long; pistillate spikes 1-3, sessile and clustered or the lower one somewhat distant and stalked, erect, 2"- 4" long, 1 1/2"-2" thick, compactly 5-10-flowered; perigynia oblong-ovoid, 3-angled, pubescent, very short-beaked, obscurely nerved, about twice as long as the broadly ovate obtuse dark scales; stigmas 3.

In rocky places. Quebec and New Brunswick to British Columbia. Summer.

106 Carex Concinna R Br Low Northern Sedge 973106 Carex Concinna R Br Low Northern Sedge 974