116. Carex Vaginata Tausch. Sheathed Sedge

Fig. 983

Carex vaginata Tausch, Flora 557. 1821.

Carex vaginata var. altocaulis Dewey, Am. Journ. Sci. (II.)

41: 227. 1866. Carex saltucnsis Bailey, Mem. Torr. Club 1: 7. 1889. Carex altocaulis Britton; Brit. & Br. 111. Fl. 1: 326. 1896.

Glabrous, light green, strongly stoloniferous, phyllo-podic, culms very slender, smooth, weak, diffuse, 6'-2 1/2° high. Leaves l"-2 1/2" wide, much shorter than the culm, the blades of the upper ones and of the long-sheathing bracts usually very short; staminate spike long-stalked; pistillate spikes 2 or 3, distant, slender-stalked or spreading, 4"-12" long, loosely 3-20-flowered; perigynia ovoid-oblong, 3-angled, scarcely inflated, narrowed at the base, faintly nerved, about 2" long, nearly 1" thick, tipped with a beak about one-fourth the length of the body, the orifice purplish-tinged, 2-toothed, oblique; scales oval or ovate-lanceolate, purplish-tinged, acute or the upper obtuse, usually shorter than the perigynia; stigmas 3.

In boggy woods. Labrador to Alaska, northern New England, New York, Michigan, Minnesota and British Columbia, Europe and Asia. June-Aug.

116 Carex Vaginata Tausch Sheathed Sedge 983116 Carex Vaginata Tausch Sheathed Sedge 984

117. Carex Polymorpha Muhl. Variable Sedge

Fig. 984

Carex polymorpha Muhl. Gram. 239. 1817.

Glabrous, rather dark green, from matted, elongated, stout rootstocks, culms stiff, aphyllopodic and strongly purplish-tinged at base, strictly erect, smooth or nearly so, i°-2° tall. Leaves flat, 1 1/2"-2" wide, nearly erect, those of fertile culm short; bracts long-sheathing; staminate spike 1 or rarely 2, long-stalked; pistillate spikes commonly 1 or 2, erect, short-stalked, densely 12-25-flowered or sometimes looser at the base, 7"-1 1/2' long, 3"-4" thick, often staminate at the summit; perigynia ovoid-oblong, obscurely 3-angled, 2 1/2" long, 1 1/4" in diameter, the beak one-half as long as the body, the orifice oblique; scales red-brown, obtuse or the lower acute, somewhat shorter than the perigynia; stigmas 3.

Wet meadows or borders of woods, southern Maine to northern New Jersey, south to North Carolina. Local. Ascends to 2000 ft. in Pennsylvania. June-Aug.

118. Carex Plantaginea Lam. Plantain-Leaved Sedge

Fig. 985

Carex plantqginea Lam. Encycl. 3: 392. 1789.

Glabrous, rather dark green, culms slender, erect or reclining, 6-2° long. Leaves of sterile culms 5"-13" wide, persistent through the winter, those of fertile culms with rudimentary blades, the sheaths strongly reddened; bracts short; staminate spike long-stalked, purple; pistillate spikes 3 or 4, erect, widely separated, all stalked, 1' or less long, loosely 4-8-flowered, the stalks of the upper ones enclosed in the sheaths; perigynia oblong-elliptic, short-beaked, many-nerved, 1 1/2"-2 1/4" long, nearly 1" thick, longer than the ovate cuspidate scales; stigmas 3.

In woods, New Brunswick and Ontario to Manitoba, south to North Carolina and Illinois. Ascends to 2100 ft. in Virginia. April-June.

118 Carex Plantaginea Lam Plantain Leaved Sedge 985118 Carex Plantaginea Lam Plantain Leaved Sedge 986