8. Carex Douglasii Boott. Douglas' Sedge

Fig. 875

Car ex Douglasii Boott; Hook. Fl. Bor. Am. a: 213. pl. 214. 1840.

Light green, rootstocks extensively creeping, culms normally dioecious, slender, erect, smooth or nearly so, 4'-12' tall. Leaves 3/4"- 1 1/4" wide, somewhat involute in drying, shorter or longer than the culm, tapering to a long tip; spikes linear or oblong, elliptic, 2 1/2"-8" long, several or numerous in a dense terminal oblong or ovoid head 1-2' long; perigynia ovate-lanceolate, about 2" long, less than 1" wide, faintly several-nerved, on both sides, rounded at base, the rough, at length bidentate, tapering beak about one-half as long as the body; scales pale greenish brown, or straw-colored, lanceolate, scarious, smooth-awned, much longer than the perigynia and completely concealing them; stigmas 2.

In dry soil, Manitoba to Nebraska and New Mexico, west to British Columbia and California. June-Aug.

8 Carex Douglasii Boott Douglas Sedge 875

9. Carex Sartwellii Dewey. Sartwell's Sedge

Fig. 876

Carex Sartwellii Dewey, Am. Journ. Sci. 43: 90. 1842.

Culms slender, stiff, erect, rough above, 3-angled, 1°_3° tall, from elongated dark rootstocks. Leaves 1"-2" wide, mostly shorter than the culm, long-attenuate at the tip; bracts setaceous, usually very small, or 1 or 2 of the lower sometimes elongated; spikes numerous, ovoid or oblong, usually staminate or androgynous, 2" - 4" long, usually densely aggregated in a narrow but heavy head l'-2' long and 5" wide, or the lower somewhat separated; perigynia elliptic-lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, 1 1/4"-2" long and 3/4-1" wide, thin-margined, ascending, nerved on both faces, tapering into a short 2-toothed beak; scales ovate, obtuse or subacute, pale brown, scarious-margined, about equalling the perigynia; stigmas 2.

In swamps, Ontario to British Columbia, south to central New York, Illinois, Arkansas and Utah. May-July.

9 Carex Sartwellii Dewey Sartwell s Sedge 876

10. Carex Arenaria L. Sand Sedge. Sand-Star

Fig. 877

Carex arenaria L. Sp. PI. 973. 1753.

Rootstock extensively creeping, culms erect, slender, slightly scabrous above, 4-15' high. Leaves 3/4"-1 1/4" wide, very long-pointed, shorter than the culm; lower bract subulate, sometimes 1 1/2' long; spikes oblong, 3"-6" long, aggregated into a terminal ovoid head I'-2' long, the terminal commonly staminate, the middle ones staminate at the top, the lower usually wholly pistillate; perigynia lanceolate, 2"-2$" long, wing-margined above, strongly several-nerved on both sides, the flat strongly 2-toothed serrulate beak nearly as long as the body and decurrent on its summit; scales lanceolate, light brown, long-acuminate or awned, about equalling the perigynia; stigmas 2.

On sea beaches near Norfolk, Virginia. Adventive or naturalized from Europe. Stare. Sea-sedge. Sea-bent. June-July.

10 Carex Arenaria L Sand Sedge Sand Star 87710 Carex Arenaria L Sand Sedge Sand Star 878