119. Carex Careyana Torr. Carey's Sedge

Fig. 986

Carex Careyana Torr.; Dewey, Am. Journ. Sci. 30: 60. /. 88. 1836.

Glabrous, bright green, culms slender, erect or .somewhat reclining, smooth or nearly so, 1°-2 1/2° tall. Basal leaves flat, 3"-6" wide, much shorter than the culm; bracts narrow, short, with very long purplish-tinged sheaths; staminate spike usually long-stalked, large; pistillate spikes 1-3, erect, loosely 3-8-flow-ered, less than 1' long, the upper short-stalked and approximate, the lower long-stalked and remote; perigynia ovoid-elliptic, very sharply 3-angled, many-nerved, 2 3/4" long or more and over 1" thick, the short beak slightly oblique, entire; scales ovate with hyaline margins, cuspidate or awned, about half length of perigynia; stigmas 3.

In woods, New York to Michigan, south to District of Columbia, Virginia and extreme southern Missouri. May-June.

120. Carex Platyphylla Carey. Broad-Leaved Sedge

Fig. 987

Carex platyphylla Carey, Am. Journ. Sci. (II.) 4: 23. 1847.

Glabrous, pale green and glaucous, culms slender, spreading or reclining, 4'-15' long. Leaves of sterile culms flat and broad, 4 1/2"-12" wide, shorter than the culm, very smooth (except edges); those of fertile culms much reduced; bracts with long clasping sheaths, usually less than 2' long; staminate spike stalked; pistillate spikes 2-4, distant, erect, all slender-stalked or the upper one nearly sessile, loosely 4-10-flowered, 5"-10" long; perigynia ovoid-elliptic, 3-angled, many-nerved, slightly bent or nearly straight at the narrowed or short-beaked apex, 1 1/4"-ii" long, rather more than 1/2" thick, somewhat longer than the broadly ovate, acute, cuspidate or short-awned scales; stigmas 3.

In woods and thickets, Quebec and Ontario to Michigan, south to Virginia and Illinois. Ascends to 2500 ft. in Virginia. May-June.

120 Carex Platyphylla Carey Broad Leaved Sedge 987

121. Carex Abscondita Mackenzie. Thicket Sedge

Fig. 988

Carex ptychocarpa Steud. Syn. PI. Cyp. 234. 1855. Not Link, 1799. Carex abscondita Mackenzie, Bull. Torr. Club 37: 244.


Glabrous, pale green and glaucous, culms erect, very slender, smooth, only 2'-8' tall. Leaves flat, the larger 2"-4 1/2" wide, much longer than the culm; bract of second pistillate spike usually overtopping the culm; staminate spike small, 2"-4 1/2' long, sessile or nearly so; pistillate spikes 2 or 3, approximate, sessile or short-peduncled, or the lower one slender-stalked and nearly basal, all erect, loosely 5-10-flow-ered, 4"-8" long; perigynia oblong-ovoid, pale, sharply 3-angled, finely many-nerved, about 1 1/3" long, rather more than 1/2" thick, pointed at both ends; minutely straight-beaked or slightly bent, the orifice entire; scales ovate, thin, obtuse to short-cuspidate, about one-half as long as the perigynia; stigmas 3.

In moist woods and thickets, Massachusetts and New Jersey to Florida and Louisiana. Local. June-July.

121 Carex Abscondita Mackenzie Thicket Sedge 988