122. Carex Digitalis Willd. Slender Wood Sedge

Fig. 989

Carex digitalis Willd. Sp. PI. 4: 298. 1805.

Glabrous, bright green, not at all glaucous, culms weak, slender, smooth, usually reclining, 4'-18' long. Leaves flat, 1"-2 1/2" wide, usually longer than the culm; bracts similar, the second exceeding the culm; staminate spike stalked; pistillate spikes 2-4, linear, loosely alternately 3-12-flowered, 5-15" long, the upper nearly sessile, the others filiform-stalked and widely spreading or drooping; perigynia ovoid-oblong, sharply triangular, many-nerved, brown when ripe, narrowed at both ends, scarcely 1 1/2" long, more than i" thick, the very short beak slightly oblique; scales lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, scarious-margined, acute, acuminate or short-awned, shorter than or the lower about equalling the perigynia; stigmas 3.

In woods and thickets, Maine and southern Ontario to Minnesota, south to Florida and Texas. Ascends to 3000 ft. in Virginia. May-July.

122 Carex Digitalis Willd Slender Wood Sedge 989

123. Carex Laxiculmis Schwein. Spreading Sedge

Fig. 990

Carex laxiculmis Schwein. Ann. Lye. N. Y. 1: 70. 1824.

Carex retrocurva Dewey, Wood's Bot. 423. 1845.

Carex digitalis copulata Bailey, Mem. Torr. Club 1: 47. 1889.

Glabrous, varying from strongly glaucous to deep green, culms filiform, smooth or very nearly so, ascending or diffuse, 6'-2° long. Sterile culm-leaves elongated, 2"-6" wide, those of fertile culms shorter than the culms; bracts similar, usually short; staminate spike long-stalked; pistillate spikes 2-4, oblong, rather loosely 5-10-flowered, 3"-6" long, about 2" thick, drooping on long hair-like stalks or the upper short-stalked and erect; perigynia broadly ovoid-oblong, sharply 3-angled, many-nerved, 11/2"-2" long and rather more than 1/2" thick, narrowed at both ends, but scarcely beaked, longer than the ovate, green, cuspidate or short-awned scales; stigmas 3.

In woods and thickets, Maine to southern Ontario, Michigan, Virginia and Missouri. Ascends to 5600 ft. in Virginia. May-June.

123 Carex Laxiculmis Schwein Spreading Sedge 990

124. Carex Albursina Sheldon. White Bear Sedge

Fig. 991

Carex laxiflora var. latifolia Boott, 111. 38. 1858. Not C.

latifolia Moench, 1794. Carex albursina Sheldon, Bull. Torr. Club 20: 284. 1893.

Glabrous, rather deep green, culms nearly smooth, strongly flattened and winged, erect or spreading, 8-2° high. Basal leaves shorter than the culm, 3 1/2"-1 1/2' wide; bracts similar to the narrower culm-leaves, the upper strongly overtopping the spikes, sheaths loose; staminate spike sessile or nearly so, the scales obtuse; pistillate spikes 2-4, distant and narrowly linear, stalked or the upper sessile and close together, 1/2-1 1/4' long, loosely flowered; perigynia obovoid, obtusely 3-angled. many-nerved, 1/2"-2" long. 1" thick, tipped with a very short bent entire beak; scales broadly oblong, widely scarious-margined, very truncate or the lower rarely short-awned, shorter than the perigynia; stigmas 3.

In woods, Quebec to Minnesota, south to Virginia, Tennessee and southern Missouri. Ascends to 2300 ft. in Virginia. June-Aug. The specific name is in allusion to White Bear Lake, Minn.

124 Carex Albursina Sheldon White Bear Sedge 991124 Carex Albursina Sheldon White Bear Sedge 992