173." Carex Stylosa C. A. Meyer. Variegated Sedge

Fig. 1040

Carex stylosa C. A. Meyer, Mem. Acad. St. Petersb. Div. Sav. 1: 222. pi. 12. 1831.

Culms phyllopodic, slender, erect, 6'-1 1/2° tall, rough and leafless above. Leaves 3/4"-1 1/2" wide, usually shorter than the culm; staminate spike solitary, nearly sessile, sometimes partly pistillate; pistillate spikes 2 or 3, oblong-cylindric, erect, 3 1/2"-9" long, 2"-31/2" in diameter, the lowest slender-stalked and subtended by a linear-subulate bract; perigynia ovoid or ellipsoid, not flattened, slightly inflated, brown, minutely granulate, 1 1/4"-1 3/4" long, nerveless, except for two ribs, minutely apiculate, the orifice entire and closed by the protruding style, \" long; scales black with light midvein, obtusish, shorter than the perigynia; stigmas 3.

Labrador and Greenland to Alaska. Also in Europe and Asia. Summer.

173 Carex Stylosa C A Meyer Variegated Sedge 1040

174. Carex Parryana Dewey. Parry's Sedge

Fig. 1041

C. Parryana Dewey, Am. Journ. Sci. 27: 239'. 1835.

Glabrous, culms phyllopodic, slender, smooth, erect, stiff, 5'-2o' tall, leafless above. Leaves 1"-2" wide, much shorter than the culm, their margins revolute; spikes 1-4, dense, erect, contiguous, linear-cylindric, 3"-15" long, 1 1/2" in diameter, the upper sessile and staminate below or throughout, the lowest short-stalked and subtended by an almost filiform bract; perigynia plano-convex, broadly obovate, two-edged, pale, 11/4" long, minutely papillose, faintly few-nerved, very minutely beaked, the orifice emarginate; scales ovate, obtuse to mucronulate, dark brown with lighter margins, nearly concealing perigynia; stigmas 3.

Hudson Bay to British Columbia, south to North Dakota and in the Rocky Mountains to Colorado. Summer.

174 Carex Parryana Dewey Parry s Sedge 1041

175. Carex Atratiformis Britton. Black Sedge

Fig. 1042

Carex ovata Rudge, Trans. Linn. Soc. 7: 96. pl. 9. 1804.

Not Burm. 1768. Carex atrata van ovata Boott, 111. 114. 1862. Carex atratiformis Britton, Bull. Torr. Club 22: 222. 1895.

Glabrous, culms phyllopodic, slender, erect, sharp-angled, roughish above, 8'-4° tall, usually leafy only below. Leaves smooth or roughish, 1"-2" wide, rarely over 6' long, much shorter than the culm; spikes 2-6, dense, oblong or oblong-cylindric, 4"-12" long, 2."-3" in diameter, the terminal gynaecandrous and short-peduncled, the others pistillate or gynaecandrous, slender-stalked, drooping when mature; -lower bracts 1/2-iĄ long, very narrow, the upper ones subulate; perigynia flattened, ovate or nearly orbicular, puncticulate, ascending, about 1 1/4" long, tipped with a very short, 2-toothed beak; scales black or reddish-brown, oblong or obovate, obtuse or subacute, slightly narrower than the perigynia and about equalling them; stigmas 3.

Labrador and Newfoundland to the mountains of northern New England, west to Alberta. June-Aug.

175 Carex Atratiformis Britton Black Sedge 1042