242. Carex Gigantea Rudge. Large Sedge

Fig. 1109

C. gigantea Rudge, Trans. Linn. Soc. 7: 99. pl. 10. f. 2. 1804. Carex grandis Bailey, Mem. Torr. Club 1: 13. 1889.

Glabrous, culms slender, erect, 2 -3 high, long-stoloniferous. Leaves rather dark green, elongated, 3i"S" wide, the uppermost sometimes surpassing the culm; lower bracts similar to the leaves, much overtopping the culm, strongly sheathing; staminate spikes 1-3, sessile or peduncled; pistillate spikes 2-5, all stalked or the upper sessile, cylindric, 1' -3' long, about 1' thick, sometimes staminate at the summit; perigynia much swollen at the base, and 2"-3" in diameter, 6"-9" long, many-nerved, spreading at right angles at maturity, 3-4 times as long as the scarious lanceolate acuminate or aristate scale, abruptly contracted into a subulate 2-toothed beak 2-3 times as long as body; stigmas 3.

In swamps, Delaware to Kentucky and Missouri, south to Florida, Louisiana and Texas. June-Aug.

242 Carex Gigantea Rudge Large Sedge 1109