37. Cyperus Globulosus Aubl. Baldwin's Cy-Perus

Fig. 757

C. globulosus Aubl. PI. Guian. 1: 47. 1775. Mariscus echinatus Ell. Bot. S. C. & Ga. 1: 75. 1816. Cyperus Baldwinii Torr. Ann. Lye. N. Y. 3: 270. 1836. Cyperus echinatus Wood, Class-book 734. 1863.

Perennial by tuber-like corms, culm slender, smooth, erect, mostly longer than the leaves. Leaves pale green, 1 1/2"-2" wide, those of the involircre 5-10, the longer usually much exceeding the umbel; umbel simple, 6-13-rayed, the rays filiform, their sheaths short, mucronate; spikelets 2"-3' long, linear, flat, densely or lopsely capitate in globose heads; scales thin, pale green, appressed, ovate-lanceolate, acute, 9-13-nerved, with narrow scarious margins; joints of the rachis broadly winged; stamens 3; style 3-cleft; achene oblong-obovoid, obtuse, one-half as long as the scale, about twice as long as thick.

In dry soil, sometimes a weed in cultivated fields, Virginia to Florida, west to Missouri and Texas. Also in Bermuda and in tropical America. July-Aug.