8. Eriogonum Lachnogynum Torr. Long-Rooted Eriogonum

Fig. 1590

Eriogonum lachnogynum Torr.; Benth. in DC. Prodr. 14:8. 1856.

Perennial, scapose, root long, fusiform, stems stout and short, tufted, much branched, covered with the dilated petiole-bases. Scape erect, slender, 4'-12' tall, white-tomentose, sparingly branched above; leaves numerous, crowded, lanceolate or narrowly oblong, 1/2'-1' long, acute at the apex, narrowed at the base, silky above, white-tomentose beneath, long-petioled, their margins somewhat revolute; inflorescence irregularly umbellate or paniculate; involucres broadly campanulate or nearly hemispheric, 1 1/2"-2" high, sessile or peduncled, 5-toothed, teeth obtuse; bracts small, lanceolate; calyx campanulate, 1 1/2" long, villous; stamens and style-branches exserted.

Western Kansas to Colorado and Arizona. May-Nov.

9. Eriogonum Annuum Nutt. Annual Eriogonum

Fig. 1591

Eriogonum annuum Nutt. Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. (II.) 5:

164. 1833-37-E. Lindheimerianum Scheele, Linnaea 22: 149. 1849.

Annual, white floccose-tomentose throughout, simple or branched, leafy below, naked above, 1°-3° tall. Leaves oblong, oblong-lanceolate or oblanceo-late, acute or obtuse at the apex, narrowed or acuminate at the base, petioled, the margins somewhat revolute or crisped; inflorescence cymose; involucres top-shaped, 1"-1 1/2" long, secund, erect, 5-toothed, the teeth obtuse; bracts triangular, not foliaceous; calyx white or whitish, 1/2"-1" long, campanulate, 6-cleft to beyond the middle, the lobes obovate; achene pointed, less than 1" long, its angles smooth, its base almost globular.

On plains, Nebraska to Texas, west to New Mexico, extending into Mexico. July-Sept.

9 Eriogonum Annuum Nutt Annual Eriogonum 1591

10. Eriogonum Campanulatum Nutt. Narrow-Leaved Eriogonum

Fig. 1592

Eriogonum campanulatum Nutt. Journ. Acad. Phila.

(II.) 1: 163. 1848. Eriogonum brevicaule Nutt. Journ. Acad. Phila. (II.)

1: 163. 1848. Eriogonum micranthum Nutt. Journ. Acad. Phila.

(II.) 1: 164. 1848.

Perennial, scapose, stem short, thick and woody, more or less tomentose; scapes erect or nearly so, glabrous, 4'-12' tall; leaves crowded, narrowly oblanceolate, spatulate or nearly linear, 1'-3' long, obtuse at the apex, narrowed into long petioles, white-tomentose on both sides, the margins sometimes revolute; inflorescence compoundly cymose; involucres oblong-turbinate, 1" long, 5-toothed, teeth obtuse; bracts triangular, not foliaceous; calyx yellow, ovoid-campanulate, about 1" long, 6-cleft, the lobes oblong or fiddle-shaped, emargi-nate; stamens and style-branches exserted; achene 1 1/2" long, enlarged at base.

Nebraska and Kansas to Oregon, Utah and New Mexico. July-Sept.

10 Eriogonum Campanulatum Nutt Narrow Leaved Eriog 1592

11. Eriogonum Corymbdsum Benth. Crisp-Leaved Eriogonum

Fig. 1593

E. corymbosum Benth. in DC. Prodr. 14: 17. 1856.

Perennial, woody, densely floccose-tomentose throughout; stem erect, branched, leafy below, naked above, 6-12' tall. Leaves oblong, obtuse at the apex, narrowed at the base, petioled, 1/2'-1 1/2" long, their margins more or less crisped; inflorescence compoundly cymose; involucres short-cam-panulate, 5-toothed, about 1 1/2" long, the teeth subacute; bracts triangular or triangular-lanceolate, not foliaceous; calyx broadly campanulate, 1"-11 /2" long, constricted near the middle, 6-cleft, the segments fiddle-shaped, emarginate, the 3 inner ones shorter than the outer; style-branches exserted; achene 1" long, enlarged at the base, rough on the angles.

Western Nebraska and Kansas to New Mexico. Utah and Arizona. Aug.-Sept.

11 Eriogonum Corymbdsum Benth Crisp Leaved Eriogon 159311 Eriogonum Corymbdsum Benth Crisp Leaved Eriogon 1594