12. Eriogonum Microthecum Nutt. Slender Eriogonum

Fig. 1594

Eriogonum microthecum Nutt. Journ. Acad. Phila. (II.) 1: 172. 1848.

Perennial, woody, especially below, more or less floccose-tomentose throughout; stem erect or ascending, branched, especially from the base, leafy below, naked above, 6'-12' high. Leaves oblong or oblanceolate, obtuse at the apex, narrowed into short petioles, 1 /2-2' long, the upper bract-like; inflorescence compoundly cymose; involucres top-shaped, 1 1/2 long, 5-toothed, the teeth obtusish; bracts triangular; calyx white, pink or reddish, 1 1/2" long, campanulate, at length constricted near the middle; stamens and style-branches included; achene pointed, 1" long, rough on the angles.

Western Nebraska to Washington, south to New Mexico and California. July-Oct.

13. Eriogonum Effusum Nutt. Effuse Eriogonum

Fig. 1595

Eriogonum effusum Nutt. Journ. Acad. Phila.

(II.) 1: 164. 1848. Eriogonum microthecum effusum T. & G. Proc.

Am. Acad. 8: 172. 1870.

Perennial, shrubby, 6-16' high, white floccose-tomentose; stem stout, diffusely branched. Leaves linear or narrowly oblong, 1/2-1 1/2 long, revolute; peduncles 3/4'-4' long, topped by 5-7 times compound stiff corymbose cymes; bracts scale-like; involucres narrowly campanulate, 1"-1 1/2' high, the tube slightly angled, the teeth rather obtuse; calyx 1" high, white, glabrous, the outer segments cuneate-obovate, rounded at the apex, the inner notched; filaments villous, especially below the middle; achenes 3-angled.

On dry plains or prairies, South Dakota and Nebraska to Wyoming, south to New Mexico. Summer.

13 Eriogonum Effusum Nutt Effuse Eriogonum 159513 Eriogonum Effusum Nutt Effuse Eriogonum 1596

14. Eriogonum Cernuum Nutt. Nodding Eriogonum

Fig. 1596

E. cernuum Nutt. Journ. Acad. Phila. (II.) 1: 162. 1848.

Annual, low, stem very short; scape erect, usually much branched, 6-12' high. Leaves confined to the short stem, orbicular or oblong-orbicular, less than 1' long, obtuse or slightly apiculate, flat, floccose-tomentose, especially beneath, petioled; inflorescence paniculate; involucres campanulate, slightly more than ' long, solitary on slender deflexed peduncles 1' long or less, 5-cleft to near the middle, the lobes obtuse; bracts triangular or lanceolate, not foliaceous; calyx whitish, campanulate, 1/2"' long, 6-parted, slightly constricted near the summit, the segments fiddle-shaped; stamens and style-branches included; achene 1/2" long, nearly globular at the base, rough on the angles.

Nebraska and Kansas to New Mexico and Utah. July-Sept.

Eriogonum Gordoni Benth., with the habit of E. cernuum; but with glabrous leaves, erect slender peduncles and oblong calyx-segments, extends from Colorado into South Dakota.