39. Salix Angldrum Cham. Brown's Willow

Fig. 1489

Salix arctica R. Br. Ross' Voy. cxliv. 1819. Not Pall.

Salix anglonim Cham. Linnaea 6: 541. 1831.

S. Brownii Lundst. Nov. Act. Soc. Sci. Ups. 16: 6. 1877.

A low, much branched shrub, the twigs 4-angled, slender. Leaves oblong or lanceolate, glabrous or sometimes ciliolate, mostly acute at the apex, entire, narrowed at the base, short-petioled, l'-3 long, 3"-12" wide, blackening in drying, the lower surface pale or glaucous, the margins not revolute; stipules narrow, deciduous; aments borne on short leafy branches, large, the pistillate l'-2 1/2' long in fruit; bracts villous, persistent, obovate, obtuse, dark brown; stamens 2; filaments glabrous; style filiform, much longer than the stigmas; capsule ovoid-conic, tomentose, short-pedicelled, acute, 2"-4" long.

Labrador to Alaska, and in the Rocky Mountains to Colorado. Summer.

Salix Macouni Rydberg (S. vacciniformis Rydberg), of Labrador, Hudson Bay and Quebec, differs in having smaller aments and leaves remaining green in drying. Salix groenlandica (Anders.) Lundst.. of high arctic regions has smaller leaves, darkening in drying.