10. Salix Babylonica L. Weeping Willow. Drooping Or Ring Willow

Fig. 1460

Salix babylonica L. Sp. PI. 1017. 1753.

A large tree, with rough gray bark, sometimes attaining a height of 700 and a trunk diameter of 6°, the twigs slender, green, elongated, drooping. Leaves narrowly lanceolate, long-acuminate at the apex, serrulate all around, narrowed at the base, sparsely pubescent when young, glabrous when mature, green above, paler beneath, 4-7' long, 3"-6" wide, sometimes curling into rings; petioles 3"-6" long, glandular above; aments appearing on short lateral leafy branches; bracts ovate-lanceolate, obtuse, deciduous; stamens 2; style almost none; capsule ovoid-conic sessile, glabrous.

Widely cultivated and sometimes spreading by the distribution of its twigs. Connecticut to Michigan and Virginia. Garb-willow. Native of Asia. April-May.

10 Salix Babylonica L Weeping Willow Drooping Or R 1460

11. Salix Pyrifolia Anders. Balsam Willow

Fig. 1461

Salix cordata var. balsamifera Hook. Fl. Bor. Am. 2:

149. 1839. S. pyrifolia Anders. Vet. Acad. Handl. 61: 162. 1867. S. balsamifera Barratt; Hook. loc. cit. As synonym.

1839. Bebb. Bot. Gaz. 4: 190. 1879.

A shrub, 4°-10° high, the twigs glabrous, shining, the youngest foliage pubescent. Mature leaves elliptic, ovate-oval or obovate, thin, glabrous, acute or some of them obtuse at the apex, rounded or subcordate at the base, dark green above, glaucous and prominently reticulate-veined beneath, 2'-3' long, 1'-1 1/2' wide, slightly crenulate-serrulate the minute teeth glandular; stipules minute or none; petioles slender, 3"-6" long; aments expanding with the leaves, leafy at the base, cylindric, the staminate dense, about 1' long, the pistillate rather loose, 2'-3' long in fruit; bracts villous, persistent; stamens 2; filaments glabrous; style almost none; capsules very narrow, acute, glabrous, 2"-2 1/2" long, slender-pedicelled.

In swamps, Newfoundland to British Columbia, south to Maine, New York, Michigan and Minnesota. May.

11 Salix Pyrifolia Anders Balsam Willow 1461

12. Salix Glaucophylla Bebb. Broad-Leaved Willow

Fig. 1462

S". glaucophylla Bebb, in A. Gray, Man. Ed. 6, 485. 1889.

A shrub, 4°-10° high; foliage glabrous or when young sparingly pubescent. Mature leaves ovate, obovate or oblong-lanceolate, firm, dark green and shining above, white-glaucous beneath, short-acuminate, the base rounded or acute, serrulate with gland-tipped teeth, 2'-4' long, 1/2'-2' wide; stipules large, persistent; petioles stout, 3"-6" long; aments expanding before the leaves, leafy at the base, the staminate 1'-2'long, the pistillate 1 1/2-3' long in fruit; bracts densely white-villous, persistent; stamens 2; filaments glabrous; style filiform; capsule beaked from an ovoid base, acute, glabrous, 3"-5" long, slender-pedicelled.

On sand dunes, Quebec to Alberta, Maine, northern Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin. April.

12 Salix Glaucophylla Bebb Broad Leaved Willow 146212 Salix Glaucophylla Bebb Broad Leaved Willow 1463