16. Salix Viminalis L. Osier Or Basket Willow. White Or Velvet-Osier

Fig. 1466

Salix viminalis L. Sp. PI. 1021. 1753.

A small slender tree or shrub, with terete green twigs. Leaves elongated-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, long-acuminate at the apex, sparingly repand-crenulate or entire, revolute-margined, short-petioled, dark green and glabrous above, persistently silvery-silky beneath, 3'-6' long, 2"-%" wide; stipules narrow, deciduous; aments expanding before the leaves, dense, the pistillate 2'-3' long and nearly 1/2' in diameter in fruit; stamens 2; filaments glabrous; style longer than the stigmes; capsule narrowly ovoid-conic, acute, silky-pubescent, about 3" long, very short-pedicelled.

Cultivated for wicker-ware and occasionally escaped into wet places, Newfoundland to Pennsylvania. Native of Europe and Asia. Common osier. Twigwithy. Ausier. Wilgers. April-May.

16 Salix Viminalis L Osier Or Basket Willow White  1466

17. Salix Candida Fluegge. Hoary Or Sage Willow

Fig. 1467

Salix Candida Fluegge; Willd. Sp. PI. 4: 708. 1806.

An erect shrub, 2°-5° tall, the older twigs red or purple and terete, the younger densely white-tomentose. Leaves mostly persistently white-tomentose beneath, green and loosely tomentose or becoming glabrate above when mature, oblong or oblong-lanceolate, thick, sparingly repand-denticu-late or entire, acute at both ends or the lower obtuse at the apex, 2'-4' long, 3"-8" wide, their margins slightly revolute; petioles 1 1/2"-2" long; stipules lanceolate-subulate, about equalling the petioles, deciduous; aments expanding before the leaves, dense, cylindric, the staminate about 1' long, the pistillate 1'-2' long in fruit; bracts villous, persistent; stamens 2; filaments glabrous; style filiform, red, three times as long as the stigmas; capsule ovoid-conic, acute, densely tomentose, 2 1/2-3" long, very short-pedicelled.

In bogs, Newfoundland to Athabasca, Wyoming, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa and South Dakota. Hybridizes with S. petiolaris and S. cordata. May.

17 Salix Candida Fluegge Hoary Or Sage Willow 1467

18. Salix Pellita Anders. Satiny Willow

Fig. 1468

S. pellita Anders. Vet. Acad. Handl. 6: 139. 1867.

A shrub, 5°-8° high, or sometimes a small tree, the twigs reddish to olive-brown. Leaves oblong, lanceolate or oblanceolate, 1 1/2-4' long, entire or obscurely crenulate, acute at both ends, or bluntish at the apex, bright green and glabrous above, pale and satiny-pubescent or nearly glabrous beneath, short-petioled; aments on short leafy branches, the pistillate ones becoming 2' long in fruit; stamens 2, glabrous; bracts villous; capsule densely white-pubescent, 2"-25" long, short-conic with a rounded base, very short-pedicelled; style longer than the stigmas.

Along rivers and swamps, Quebec to Manitoba, Maine and Vermont.

18 Salix Pellita Anders Satiny Willow 1468