A tall aquatic monoecious grass with long flat leaf-blades and an ample panicle. Spikelets 1-flowered, the pistillate borne on the upper branches of the panicle, the staminate on the lower. Scales 2, membranous, the outer somewhat longer, acute in the staminate, long-awned in the pistillate spikelets. Stamens 6. Styles nearly distinct. Grain linear. [From an ancient Greek name for Darnel.]

A monotypic genus of North America and Asia. Type species: Zizania aquatica L.

24 Zizania L Sp Pl 991 1753 399

1. Zizania Aquatica L. Wild Rice. Indian Rice. Water Oats

Fig. 399

Zizania aquatica L. Sp. PL 991. 1753. Zisania palustris L. Mant. 295. 1771.

Culms erect from an annual root, 3°-10° tall, smooth and glabrous. Sheaths loose, glabrous; ligule about 1/4 long, thin-membranous; blades 1° or more long, 1/4'-1 1/2' wide, more or less roughened, especially above, glabrous; panicle 1°-2° long, the upper branches erect, the lower ascending or spreading; staminate spikelets 3"-6" long, scales acute or awn-pointed, outer 5-nerved, the inner 3-nerved; scales of the linear pistillate spikelets 4"-12" long, the outer one 5-nerved, with an awn 1'-2' long, the inner narrower, 3-nerved, awn-pointed.

In swamps, New Brunswick to Manitoba, south to Florida and Texas. Canada-rice. Water-rice. June-Oct.