1. Allium Tricoccum Ait. Wild Leek

Fig. 1242

Allium tricoccum Ait. Hort. Kew. 1: 428. 1789.

Bulbs ovoid, clustered, 1 -2 high, seated on a short rootstock, their coats fibrous-reticulated. Leaves oblong-lanceolate or elliptic, appearing early in the spring, but withering before flowering time, 6'-12' long, 1'-2' wide, narrowed at both ends, tapering into a long petiole; scape 4'-15' tall; bracts of the umbel usually 2, at first enclosing the flowers, acuminate, deciduous; umbel erect; pedicels becoming rigid, 6"-10" long; flowers white; perianth-segments oblong, obtuse, 2"-3" long; filaments lanceolate-subulate; ovule 1 in each cavity; capsule deeply 3-lobed, about 3" broad, 1 1/2"-2" high, its valves not crested; seeds globose, black, smooth.

In rich woods, New Brunswick to Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee and Iowa. Often grows in large beds. Three-seeded leek. Ramps. June-July.

1 Allium Tricoccum Ait Wild Leek 12421 Allium Tricoccum Ait Wild Leek 1243

2. Allium Sibiricum L. Chives. Chive-Or Rush-Garlic

Fig. 1243

Allium sibiricum L. Mar.t. 2: 562. 1771.

Bulbs narrowly ovoid, clustered, 1 high or less, their membranous coats not fibrous-reticulated. Scape rather stout, 8'-2° high, bearing below the middle 1 or 2 elongated linear terete hollow leaves about 1/2" in diameter, or the leaves all basal; bracts of the umbel 2, broadlv ovate, veiny; umbel many-flowered, capitate, the pedicels 1"-3" long; flowers rose-color, longer than the pedicels; perianth-segments 4"-6" long, lanceolate, acuminate; stamens much shorter than the perianth; filaments subulate, half-terete; ovules 2 in each cavity of ovary; capsule obtusely 3-lobed, half as long as the perianth.

In moist soil, Newfoundland to Alaska, Maine, New York, Michigan, Wyoming and Washington.

2 Allium Sibiricum L Chives Chive Or Rush Garlic 1244

Europe and Asia. Civet. Shore-onion. June-July. Closely related to A. Schoenoprasum L., to which it was referred in our first edition.

3. Allium Cernuum Roth. Nodding Wild Onion

Fig. 1244

A. cernuum Roth; Roem. Arch. 1: Part 3, 40. 1789.

Bulbs usually clustered on a short rootstock, narrowly ovoid, with a long neck, 1'-2 1/2' high, the coats not fibrous-reticulated. Scape slender, slightly ridged, 1°-2° high; leaves linear, channeled or nearly flat, 1"-2" wide, mostly shorter than the scape, bluntish, umbel many-flowered, nodding in flower, subtended by 2 short-deciduous bracts; pedicels filiform, 8"-15" long; flowers campanulate, white or rose; perianth-segments ovate-oblong, acute or ob-tusish, 2"-3" long; stamens longer than the perianth; filaments nearly filiform; ovules 2 in each cavity of the ovary; capsule 3-lobed, rather shorter than the perianth, each valve bearing 2 short processes near the summit.

On banks and hillsides, New York to Minnesota and British Columbia, West Virginia, Kentucky, South Dakota, and in the Rocky Mountains to New Mexico. July-Aug.